Taking the HKX train means travelling cheap and fast, with a free seat reservation

The “Hamburg-Köln-Express” train (“HKX”) provides long distance passenger rail services between North and West Germany. Our trains operate between Hamburg, Osnabrück, Münster, the Ruhr industrial area, Dusseldorf & Cologne.

We compete against state-owned German Railways Deutsche Bahn (DB) that had previously been serving the route as a monopoly.

The advantages of HKX are clear:

  • Up to 3x daily in both directions
  • Just as fast as a DB Intercity train
  • Free-of-charge seat reservation
  • Very competitive pricing – starting at just €18 for the whole route!

Click here to book and get a ticket in English.

Don’t forget – all of our staff speak English too, and they will take great care of you on board.